HR Diversity Recruitment Certification Course


Format: Online
Duration: 6-Weeks

Class 1: Developing the Diversity Infrastructure on Campus
Class 2: Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques in Locating Diverse Talent
Class 3: Addressing Unconscious Bias Issues on Campus
Class 4: Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff 
Class 5: Diverse Marketing 101 (Publications/Web)/Finding External Funding
Class 6: Incorporating Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training  

How does the course work?

Each course is conducted in an online, Powerpoint format. Classes are delivered each Monday, with verification needed via email that each class was completed. After completion of the 6-week course, the client will receive an official letter of completion and a degree of certification.

When do courses begin?

Since courses are online, you can begin whenever you'd like. We ask that if you begin, you complete the entire course within 6-weeks. 

Cost: $3,400 per person

Continuing HR Credits Offered: 12


You may register for the certification course by clicking the "Register" button. A representative will contact you via email and issue an official invoice with secured payment link in securing your course participation.

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