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Diversity & INclusion Consulting


Our academic diversity consulting service combines two important avenues - developing ideas and implementing actionable strategies. The strength in our consulting program is developing techniques with each client to sustain immediate and long-term aspects to success. Our relationship with the client is a vital one, complete with statistical analysis and active feedback throughout your consulting term.

We assist you with the following:


1) Developing the Framework of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

2) Recruiting Diverse Talent for Faculty, Staff and Administrative Positions (Search and Screening)

3) Identifying Problematic Areas in Achieving Equitable Outcomes

4) Building Relationships with Diverse Organizations on Campus

5) Establishing Effective Diversity Messaging and Brand Content (Publications/Marketing)

5) Producing Diversity Conflict-Management Guidelines and procedures

7) Allowing One-on-One, Private Consulting on Diversity Management Issues on Campus

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