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5-Phase DEI Strategic Plan Consulting

Summary of Services:

I. Recruitment

Assist with Job Descriptions and Diversity Statements (Departmental/Institution):
We explore how positions are crafted in attracting diverse candidates. We make sure to not disrupt the actual content/requirements, but examine language to make the positions more inclusive. We also explore where jobs are posted and develop a tracking system to explore which marketing avenue has proven most effective.


II. Job Distribution, Circulation and Outreach

The Academic Network is now a member of over 1,468 national academic list-serves which gather prospective applicant information, including dissertation topics, concentrations, gender, age, past experiences and cultural background.

Office Meeting

II. Development of the Best Practices Faculty Selection Committee Guide

We assist in developing the categories, text, policies and procedures in the form of a training manual on the Guide to the Faculty Selection Committee Process. Specific focus is aimed at increasing the productivity of each search through navigating effective criteria with a sense of equity and inclusion. We will also assist in developing a Strategic Guide on Recruiting Diverse Faculty and Staff.

III. Marketing Materials

Assist in the Development of a Diversity Faculty/Staff Recruitment Brochure & Postcard Series and create personalized, diversity marketing pieces (strike publication for easy circulation, also in digital format - aimed at providing a “snapshot” of the campus, including its faculty, staff and student body). Stress the importance of the “network” between the campus and the community.

We will also create a series of postcards which can attract candidates to your
institution/program. The Academic Network, after content submission, will assist with the layout of the design and provide printing. 


IV. Institutional/Organizational Partnerships:

We have developed “feeder” partnerships with nearly 1,200 academic and professional
associations (including over 780 minority academic/professional organizations). We have
established partnerships with the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), The PhD Project, HBCU Connect, Black PR, Hispanic NewsWire and others to circulate job postings. Overall, it is estimate that our client job postings reach over 175,000 potential candidates. We can then work together on the best departmental unit in which to connect them.

Team Meeting

V. On-Campus Trainings

The Academic Network, Inc. will correspond via email, phone and teleconference (Skype/Zoom) over the consulting term. Dr. Shropshire will also visit the campus periodically to conduct meetings, workshops, focus groups or strategy meetings. Visits are for a 2-day period and divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

These meetings will be to educate department members (of your choosing) on implicit bias and diversity enrichment, as well as establishing a forum to exchange ideas on making the academic environment more conducive to dialogue and strategic implementation of ideas 

You have a choice of two the following 2-hour campus workshops/trainings:


  1. Addressing Implicit Bias/Inclusion Training for Higher Ed Professionals

  2. Finding Diversity & Equity in the Faculty Selection Committee Review Process

  3. Summary: Incorporating Key Techniques in Recognizing Diversity in the Faculty Review and Selection Process.

  4. Strategies in Minority Faculty/Staff Retention

  5. Summary: Retaining our diverse faculty/staff talent and determining the factors of departure.

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