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DEI Consulting for Colleges
and Universities

Since 2006, we have worked with over 75% of colleges and universities nationwide. Below is a listing of the services we explore when working directly with your institution.

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Phase 1: Strategic Overview

We use the following as a starting point:

Developing Your DEI Office Infrastructure
Recruitment and Outreach (Faculty/Staff/Students/Administrators)
Diversity Marketing and Brand Management
Institutional/Organizational Partnerships
On-Campus Trainings and Modules


Phase 2: Assessment

Focus Groups

Inclusion Assessment Meetings are aimed at producing effective dialogue on diversity, inclusion and equity on
campus between students, faculty/staff and administrators.

After the meetings, we will produce an extensive proposal detailing the avenues of discussion with the various
groups. We develop a detailed assessment on the strengths of the campus environment and how it can improve in areas which could inhibit institutional effectiveness.

The evaluation will provide immediate and long- term "strike points" which could provide a landscape for open communication between campus entities.

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Phase 3: Dialogue

On-Campus Trainings

The Academic Network, Inc. will correspond via email, phone and teleconference (Skype/Zoom) over the consulting term. Dr. Shropshire will also visit the campus periodically to conduct meetings, workshops, focus groups or strategy meetings. Visits are for a 2-day period and divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

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