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Corporate Diversity

Diversity should have a seat at the corporate table.


Recognition of diversity, inclusion and equity has taken center-stage in business, the workplace and society. Building relationships has always been an essential piece in developing a value-system between employees and colleagues. There is an essence of belonging to a community within a corporation.

Embark on a strategic plan which connects with inclusion and the fair practice of equitable outcomes in organizational policies and procedures.

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Corporate Diversity Training Institute

The 2-hour Institute covers the following topics:


Diverse Recruitment & Hiring
Talent outreach is establishing a clear strategy on how to engage. Not only should we be focused on attracting a high volume of diverse candidates, but also determining the effective mechanisms used in employee retention techniques.

Inclusive Workplace Climate
Productivity is the main goal for the corporate environment. The more individuals feel valued for their unique perspectives, the more the infrastructure benefits from levels of understanding and workplace development and insight.

Leadership Development
Corporate offices are made up of people - diverse people. When communicating with persons from different backgrounds, it's important to enhance our leadership and engagement skills to promote a sense of fairness, value and inclusion.

Contact us below to arrange your own 2-Hour Corporate Diversity Training Institute. There is no limit to the number of attendees, as long as they are employees of your corporation.


Tuesday, May 4th
12 p.m. - 2 p.m. EST
Location: Virtual/Zoom

Cost: $425 per person*
*participation validated by on-screen check-in. Multiple viewers under the same registration are not permitted.