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Diversity Downloads

We offer the following downloads for purchase:

The following topics are offered in the recorded, 1-hour format:


  1. Developing Your Diversity Recruitment Infrastructure on Campus

  2. Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques/Building Feeder Programs

  3. Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff

  4. Addressing Implicit Bias on Campus

  5. Diverse Marketing (Publications)/Finding External Funding

  6. Implementing the Diversity Goals of a Faculty Selection Committee

  7. Structuring Campus Interviews in Preserving Equity

  8. The "3/3/5" Method of Faculty Selection Committee Candidate Evaluation

  9. Seeing How Stereotypes Impact the Relationships on Campus

  10. Transitioning from Awareness to Active Sensitivity

  11. Networking with Minority Academic and Professional Organizations

  12. Student Affairs: Enhancing Diverse Student Support on Campus 

  13. Enhancing Onboarding Procedures for Diverse Hires

  14. Leadership Development Module for Managers and Supervisors in a Diverse Workplace

Cost of each download: $89 per

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