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Annual Diversity Consulting

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Why Annual Diversity Consulting?

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity should be a year-round discussion, with engaging projects throughout. We have designed an annual program which provides you with a variety of opportunities to continue the the DEI discussion, reach diverse candidates for employment opportunities and enhance your diversity strategic plan.

Diversity Consulting comes with:

2 Virtual Campus Workshops (Choice of Topics/2-hours per)*
Annual Job Posting Subscription w/ MFAD - Priority Section
2 Inclusive Searches (Senior Level Positions)

2 Consulting Strategy Sessions (Diversity Strategic Plan)

*Workshop choices:
Strategies in Recruiting Diverse Faculty and Staff
Diversity Awareness Training for Higher Ed Professionals

Leadership and Development in a Diverse Workplace

Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training

Implementing Your Diversity Strategic Plan (5 Phases)
Onboarding for New Diverse Employees

Diversity and Inclusion Marketing and Branding

Annual Membership Cost: $12,600