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2024 Regional Workshops

Our workshops, conducted personally by Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, are designed to provide immediate and long-term diversity recruitment and development on the following topics below. 

Types of Campus Workshops

Strategies in Diverse Faculty and Staff
Recruitment Workshop

Topics include:

  1. The 5 Phases of Building Your Diverse Recruitment Plan

  2. Developing Diversity Statements and Institutional Snapshots

  3. Building Pipeline Programs with HBCUs, HSIs and Tribal Colleges

  4. Building Feeder Relationships with Diverse Academic and Professional Associations

  5. Developing Inclusive Recruitment Marketing Materials (Brochures, ec.)

  6. Keeping Talent: Getting Diverse Faculty and Staff to Stay

Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training

Topics of discussion:

  1. Organizing Your Selection Committee Infrastructure - From Job Descriptions to Equal Opportunity Statements 

  2. Enhancing the Diversity Goals of the Faculty Selection Committee

  3. The "3/3/5" Method: Faculty Candidate Evaluation and Selection*

  4. Preserving Equity in the Campus Interview Structure

*trademarked by The Academic Network

Strategies in Recruiting Diverse Graduate Students

Topics of discussion:

  1. Building Your Diverse Graduate Recruitment Infrastructure

  2. Developing Applicant Feeder Programs with HBCUs and HSIs

  3. Creating Inclusive Marketing Material

  4. Exploring the Secrets of the Campus Visit and Open House

  5. Incorporating Spring Recruitment for the Next Fall Class

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