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2024 English Immersion Institute

Language opens pathways of communication.
Cali, Colombia
July 24th - July 31st

Reviewing Essay

What the institute Does?

Classes in the Institute offer adult, non-native speakers of English the opportunity to improve their basic English language skills in order to actively increase their participation in the larger society, continue their education into academic programs or to prepare for citizenship. Adults at least 18 years of age are eligible for the program. 

Elective courses focus on special topics like pronunciation, conversation, and vocabulary. These classes are open to anyone who wants to improve their English, for daily life or for their academic career.

Grammar, Reading & Writing

Speaking, Active Listening

Intermediate Engagement

Advanced Workplace Methods

English Immersion Institute Registration:

Thanks for submitting your registration to the English Immersion Institute in Washington, DC (USA). A representative will be confirming via email and sending a payment invoice.

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