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Diverse Candidate Search

Our academic diversity search service highlights the connection between searching and screening and actual recruitment and outreach. The strength in our program is developing techniques which specifically match candidates with opportunities.

What makes our searches different?

Our database of candidates:

We have the largest database in the country of diverse candidates for faculty, staff and administrative positions. We regularly update our database members and explore if they've applied or been offered opportunities.


We also advertise in Indeed, HigherEdJobs, LinkedIn and others, so you don't have to!

Our procedures:

1) Evaluating job postings to represent diversity and inclusion

2) Searching over 500 nationally recognized minority professional and academic associations

3) Forwarding qualified candidates in a timely fashion

4) Collecting statistical data from each search pool

5) Screening top candidates to improve speed in evaluation and review.

6) Interviewing initial candidates with specific questions and guidelines developed by the client institution.

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