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"Thank you for your fresh insights and providing a good learning and sharing opportunity. I really value the experience, and I’m eager to begin implementing some of the material learned."

- University of Tennessee

"I thought that the conference was fantastic.  Thanks for the great resources and thoughts surrounding best practices on improving diversity in our pipeline and finish line."

-Berry College

"The presentation was well done and I think would be of value to faculty members. Definitely some practical strategies we can use immediately."

-Madison College (WI)

HR Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment Certification Course

This certification, which is the only one of its kind in the entire country, is specifically tailored to methods of locating, recruiting and retaining diverse applicants for faculty, staff and administrative positions. 

Each class is:
Live (Zoom format)
1 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. EST


The 6-class diversity recruitment certification course consists of the following live classes:

April 21st
Class 1: Developing the Diversity Infrastructure on Campus

April 28th

Class 2: Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques in Locating Diverse Talent

May 5th

Class 3: Addressing Unconscious Bias Issues in Recruitment Ideology

May 12th

Class 4: Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff 

May 19th

Class 5: Diverse Marketing 101 (Publications/Web)/Finding External Funding

May 26th

Class 6: Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training Overview


Pricing: $825 per person*

Note: You must participate in all 6 classes for the certification. There is a short examination once you complete the 6-class course.


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