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brochure (GDR)

We invite you to place an ad in the upcoming Graduate Diversity Recruitment Brochures. The brochure has the widest circulation of any diversity recruitment publication in the country!


The GDR Brochure is now digitally circulated to:  

  • Over 4,300 Academic Advisors and Career Placement offices across the country

  • All HBCUs, HSIs and Tribal Colleges in the U.S.

  • Career Services at nearly 3,700 colleges and universities

  • 122 International Colleges and Universities

  • Nearly 2,650 academic and professional organizations/associations

  • Over 550 Undergraduate Student Mentor Programs


Full-page, all-color ad specs:  (7 ½” x 10 ¼”)

Submission format: pdf


Cost: $795

Fall Edition

Ad Reservation Deadline: 
September 20th

Ad Submission Deadline: September 24th

Digital Distribution: 

September 27th

Winter Edition

Ad Reservation Deadline: December 11th

Final Ad Submission Deadline: January 5th

Digital Distribution: January 13th

Spring Edition

Ad Reservation Deadline: 
March 15th

Ad Submission Deadline: March 22nd

Digital Distribution:
March 26th

Summer Edition

Ad Reservation Deadline: June 14th

Ad Submission Deadline: June 21st

Digital Distribution:

June 24th

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