College Students

Spring Workshop on Graduate Minority Student Recruitment

Date: Tuesday, March 23rd
Location: Virtual
Time: 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. EST

Conference Summary:


The virtual conference is tailored to providing effective strategies to graduate admissions professionals in locating and recruiting minority candidates.

Topics of discussion:

1.  Researching Where to Recruit and Why?

2.  Building Applicant Feeders with HBCUs & HSIs

3.  Finding External Funding for Minority Recruitment

4.  Developing Effective Marketing Materials

5.  Partnering with Minority Academic Associations

6.  Mastering the Open House & Information Sessions

7.  Closing the Deal: Converting Minority Admits (Yield)


Registration: $235 per person


Join us! We were scheduled for Miami, but now we're virtual!

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