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The key is converting ideas into actionable and practical strategies. Since 2006, we have worked with nearly 70% of colleges and universities within the United States in locating, recruiting and retaining diverse faculty/staff.

Virtual HR Certification Courses

Office Meeting

"Thank you for your fresh insights and providing a good learning and sharing opportunity. I really value the experience, and I’m eager to begin implementing some of the material learned."
- University of Tennessee

HR Diverse Faculty and Staff Recruitment Certification Course

The certification course will be taught by Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, President of The Academic Network and one of the most recognized experts in diversity, inclusion and equity in the country. Since 2006, Shropshire has conducted over 1,600 workshops and nearly 400 certification courses.

Business Meeting

"I absolutely love your class!"
- Auburn University

May 28th-July 2nd Certification Course

Small Meeting

"The presentation was well done and I think would be of value to faculty members. Definitely some practical strategies we can use immediately."

-Madison College (WI)

July 16th- August 20th Certification Course

Virtual Team Meeting

"I enjoyed your program and I think you do an excellent job of providing information that is helpful vs. what it usually the norm in these programs."
-Fontbonne University

August 26th- September 30th Certification Course

"Well done.  It would be very helpful guide to faculty who have not participated in a search before and serve as a useful reminder of do's and don't s for faculty who have done searches before."
-Glendale Community College

 "I think this is especially important given the earlier discussion of the job description given that faculty of color often are given extensive service assignments."
-James Madison University

 "The presentation was well done and I think would be of value to faculty members as well as AUHs because it would help them understand our goals and strategies."

-University of Alabama at Hunstville