Live In-House Virtual Trainings

With our In-House Diversity Trainings, you are able to have Dr. Shropshire conduct a live discussion on a variety of diversity, inclusion and equity topics. Each virtual training is one hour in duration and has a short Q&A after each discussion. Since 2006, Dr. Shropshire has conducted over 2,000 trainings.


As this is a live training, reserved only for members of your college and university, there is no limit on the number of attendees. We encourage you to invite faculty, staff, academic affairs officers, equal opportunity officials, human resource personnel, student affairs members, Presidents, etc.

Cheerful Business Meeting

Faculty/Staff Selection Committee Diversity Development

Each of the 1-hour trainings is listed below:


  1. Essential Building Blocks for an Effective Search

  2. Developing Your Initial Interview Measuring Rubric

  3. The "3/3/5" Method of Candidate Evaluation and Review


Human Resource Training for Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment

Each of the 1-hour trainings is listed below:

  1. Developing the Diversity Infrastructure on Campus

  2. Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques/Building Feeders

  3. Addressing Unconscious Bias Issues in the Recruitment Process

  4. Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff

  5. Diverse Marketing (Publications)/Finding External Funding


Cost: $1,800

In a Meeting

Inclusion Training for Higher Education Professionals

Each of the 1-hour trainings is listed below:

  1. Addressing Implicit Bias at Your Institution

  2. Seeing How Stereotypes Impact the Relationship with the Community

  3. Transitioning from Awareness to Active Sensitivity

  4. Networking with Academic and Professional Organizations

Cost: $1,800

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OnBoarding for diverse employees

Each of the 1-hour trainings is listed below:

  1. Developing a Workplace Ideology for Effective Onboarding

  2. Exploring What Employees Expect from Onboarding (Infrastructure)

  3. Exploring the Pre-Onboarding, Onboarding and Post-Onboarding Process

  4. Evaluating the Phases of Effective Onboarding

Cost: $1,800

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Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors in a Diverse Workplace

Each of the 1-hour trainings is listed below:

  1. Developing Effective Engagement Strategies with Employees

  2. Leading vs. Managing: The Dynamic Difference

  3. Building Your Team Building Infrastructure

  4. Setting Up Your Metrics for Job Performance Evaluation

Cost: $1,800

Business People Talking

Retaining Diverse Faculty and Staff Training


This training develops methods of retaining your diverse faculty/staff talent and determining the factors of departure. This discussion also provides a roadmap on the issues pertaining to why diverse employees remain at an institution.

Cost: $1,800


Athletic Department Training for Diverse Player Sensitivity and Awareness



This 1-hour training explores the relationship between athletic departments/coaches and diverse players. The discussion offers insight on how athletic department personnel can show their commitment to diversity issues within their department and create platforms where athletes can feel comfortable working on progressive measures of actionable awareness.

Cost: $1,800

Police Car Lights

Campus Police Department Inclusion and Sensitivity Training

This 1-hour training works exclusively with Campus Police Departments in enhancing relationships with diverse persons on campus and in the external community. The discussion also explores how fellow officers can related to each other on matters of diversity awareness and cultural sensitivity.

Cost: $1,800

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