Diversity Training Institutes

Identify. Develop. Enhance.

Regional Institutes
The 1-day regional Institutes are some of the most popular and effective in higher education. With its format and design, the Institute brings colleagues together from all over the country to learn practical strategies.

Listed below are the types of Institutes offered:


Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment Institute

This Institute focuses on the strategies we use in locating, recruiting and retaining qualified, diverse candidates for faculty, staff and administrative positions, as well as exploring equitable outcomes in candidate review and selection.


Diverse Graduate Student Recruitment Institute

This Institute focuses on strategies we can explore in increasing the number of diverse candidates in our graduate education applicant pools. 

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Academic Affairs/Human Resource Institute on Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training

This Institute focuses on ways to review, evaluate and select faculty candidates through a lens of equity and inclusion.

Interested in Your Own Campus Institute?

Bring one of the above Institutes to your campus. With our full-day Institutes (4-hours), you are able to have Dr. Shropshire conduct a live discussion. As this is a Campus Institute reserved only for members of your college and university, there is no limit on the number of attendees. We encourage you to invite your faculty, staff and administrators from campus.

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