Cheerful Business Meeting

Inclusion Training Workshop for Higher Education Professionals

Tuesday, July 13th

12 p.m. - 2 p.m. EST
Format: Virtual/Zoom

Since 2006, we have conducted over 2,200 trainings and provided numerous strategies nationwide on the following topics:


  • Addressing Implicit Bias at Your Institution

  • Improving Relationships Between Faculty and Staff

  • Stereotypes and the Impact on Campus Relationships

  • Showing Your Support to Diverse Communities On and Off Campus

  • Showing Diversity: How We Go Wrong on Marketing Material

Registration: $225 per person

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Fall 2021 On-Campus Inclusion Assessments

The Inclusion Assessment Meetings are aimed at producing effective dialogue on diversity, inclusion and equity on campus between students, faculty/staff and administrators.

Our Climate Assessment/Enrichment is divided into
three areas:

I. Inclusion Assessment Meetings
II. Survey and Evaluation

III. Post-Evaluation and Analysis

Day One Meeting: Faculty, Staff and Administrators

In these sessions, we discuss the campus climate as it related to dialogue between academic departments and the connection with students of color. We focus on areas of communication in the classroom, working with student organizations and developing strategies in cross-cultural relationships.

Day Two: Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

In theses sessions, we discuss the relationships between students of color and faculty/staff inside and outside the classroom We also focus on developing comprehensive communication on the topics of academic advising, diversity recognition, avenues of conflict-resolution and campus engagement.

Post-Meeting Evaluation

After the meetings, we will produce an extensive proposal detailing the avenues of discussion with the various groups. We develop a detailed assessment on the strengths of the campus environment and how it can improve in areas which could inhibit institutional effectiveness. The evaluation will provide immediate and long-term "strike points" which could provide a landscape for open communication between campus entities.