Have your own virtual campus workshops for the benefit of your faculty, staff and administrators!

The presenter, Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, will hold a 2-hour campus workshop specifically tailored to your diversity, inclusion and equity needs. This information is accessible only to members of your institution, with exclusive access to effective strategies!

The following workshops are offered in a virtual, campus workshop, 2-hour format. This is an amazing opportunity to provide strategies to a variety of different people on campus.

  1. Strategies in Minority Faculty and Staff Recruitment

  2. Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Development

  3. Senior Leadership Workshop on Building Diversity Infrastructure (for Deans, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Chancellors)

  4. Keeping Talent: Retaining Minority Faculty and Staff

  5. Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

  6. Enhancing Onboarding for Diverse New Hires

  7. Addressing Implicit Bias on Campus

  8. How Stereotypes Impact Campus Relationships

  9. Diversity Marketing & Funding for Diversity Projects

  10. Transitioning from Awareness to Sensitivity in Campus Relations

  11. Networking with Regional and National Minority Professional Associations

  12. Improving the Onboarding Process for New Diverse Hires

  13. Enhancing Campus Support for Diverse Faculty, Staff and Students

  14. Strategies in Recruiting Graduate Minority Students 

  15. Strategies in Recruiting Undergraduate Students

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