Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training
Topics include:

  1. Focusing Composition of the Selection Committee

  2. The "3/3/5" Method of Candidates Evaluation

  3. Implementing the Diversity Goals of the Committee

  4. Creating Faculty Descriptions 

  5. Structuring Campus Interviews to Preserve Inclusion

Strategies in Minority Faculty/Staff Recruitment
Topics include:

  1. Building HBCU/HSI Faculty/Staff Applicant Feeders

  2. Creating Effective Job Descriptions 

  3. Developing Diversity Statements

  4. Addressing Unconscious Bias

  5. Creating Marketing Materials 

  6. Finding External Funding for Diverse Recruitment

Strategies in Recruiting Graduate Minority Students
Topics include:

  1. Building Applicant Feeders with HBCUs and HSIs

  2. Developing Digital Publications for Diverse Candidates

  3. Exploring Government Funding for Initiatives

  4. Connecting with Minority Professional/Academic Associations

Increasing Support for Diverse Students on Campus
Topics discussed:

  1. Enhancing Your Support Infrastructure for Diverse Students  

  2. Developing Cross-Communication Between Diverse Students, Faculty & Staff

  3. Practical Strategies in Guiding Diverse Students to Academic & Social Success

Inclusion Training for Higher Education Professionals
Topics discussed:

  1. Dealing with Implicit Bias at Your Institution

  2. Seeing How Stereotypes Impact the Campus Dynamic

  3. Understanding the Shift from Inclusion to Equity Inclusion

  4. Creating Diverse Materials in Representing Your Institution/Department

Strategies in Minority Faculty/Staff Retention
Topics of discussion:

  1. Developing a System of Climate Evaluation

  2. Enhancing Professional Opportunities for Minority Colleagues

  3. Determining the Factors of a Productive Workplace

Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors
 Topics of discussion:

  1. Leadership vs. Management: The Workplace Dynamic

  2. Ways to Implement Employee Engagement

  3. Working Through Employee Conflict in Your Office

Diversity Awareness Development for College/University Students

Topics of discussion:

  1. Exploring Communication Between Student Groups on Race and Culture

  2. Developing Messaging Mechanisms to Provide Insight on Focus Areas

  3. Creating Techniques in Improving Campus Climate

  4. Evaluating Stereotypes and the Impact on Student Relationships

  5. Becoming a Diversity Leader vs. a Diversity Manager

  6. Bonus: Round-table discussion on campus climate (NEW)

How does it work?

Have your own virtual campus workshops for the benefit of your faculty, staff and administrators.

The presenter, Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, will hold a 2-hour campus workshop specifically tailored to your diversity, inclusion and equity needs. This information is accessible only to members of your institution, with exclusive access to effective strategies!

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