What is MFAD?

The Minority Faculty/Staff Applicant Database (MFAD) is designed to send your job posting to over 3.2 million persons with the click of a button. The Academic Network website receives over 250,000 impressions per month, including nearly 73,000 current members of higher education.

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Unlimited Job Posting Option

We conduct "scrapes" of your HR website every two weeks to ensure your job opportunities are up-to-date and placed under your MFAD heading (by region). That is 52 updates per year! Thus, you never have to go through the extensive trouble of telling us which postings have been filled or need updating. The cost of the unlimited posting option is $1,500 for the entire year. 


Below is a summary of the information we capture for every annual client:


Number of people who received the jobs (confirmed)
Number of people who accessed your HR site/job from the link provided in the e-blasts (every Wednesday)
Average time people spent reviewing postings


Region who most viewed the jobs issued (ranking): 


1) West - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: AZ, CA, WA
2) North - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: MA, NY, NJ
3) Midwest -highest state open percentage: Ranking order: MI, OH, KY
4) South - highest state open percentage: Ranking order: NC, VA, GA


Self-Reported Ethnicity (percentages who viewed openings):


71% African American/Black
21% Hispanic/Latino
8% Other


Click/View Ranking: 

We compare your HR page and job click rating with other institutions nationwide. 

Grand Rapids Community College

The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees values your perspective, input, and collaboration as we embark on one of the most important responsibilities we will face: selecting the eleventh president of the College.  This is a moment of great opportunity for Michigan’s first community college. 

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