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HR Diverse Faculty and Staff Recruitment Virtual Certification Course
(July 16th- August 20th)

Certification Virtual Course Outline

July 16th
Class 1: Developing the Diversity Infrastructure on Campus

July 23rd

Class 2: Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques in Locating Diverse Talent

July 30th

Class 3: Addressing Unconscious Bias Issues in Recruitment Ideology

August 6th

Class 4: Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff 

August 13th

Class 5: Diverse Marketing 101 (Publications/Web)/Finding External Funding

August 20th

Class 6: Faculty Selection Committee Diversity Training Overview


Pricing: $825 per person*

Note: You must participate in all 6 classes for the certification.


To enroll in the certification program, please complete the registration after clicking the button below.