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Become a member!

Imagine having exclusive access to live trainings, job posting, training modules, one-on-one strategic consulting and a host of other services. To meet this need, we have unveiled The Academic Network's Membership Program. 

Below are the perks of the membership program:


Unlimited registrations

No longer must you register for our workshops or conferences via per person charge. With being a member, your institution is allowed unlimited registrations to all events, as long as they are current faculty, staff and administrators of your college or university 

Getting Coffee

Unlimited Job Postings & Circulation

How it works?

The annual, unlimited posting package allows you to circulate all faculty, staff and administrative jobs from your entire academic institution. Evert two weeks, we go to your HR page and copy the job postings. We then transfer those job postings to your designated MFAD heading (by region). 

Once your positions are added to under your heading, we notify our entire database that there are new jobs to review! The candidate is then provided the link to your job listings. 

There are no updates, modifications, etc. - as the positions come directly from your institution's HR job page.

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Unlimited access to training downloads

At times, higher education colleagues don't have the time to participate in live workshops or conferences. You want to view trainings on your own time frame, in your own environment (home or office) and stop/start when time permits. Below are the training downloads you'll have unlimited access to on your own, exclusive institutional page.

  • Enhancing Your New Diverse Employee Onboarding Program

  • Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

  • Creating Diverse Marketing Publications in Attracting Talent & Finding External Funding

  • Increasing Undergraduate Minority Applications

  • Increasing Graduate Minority Applications

  • Increasing Support for Diverse Students on Campus

  • Campus Police Office Diversity Sensitivity Training

  • Strategies in Minority Faculty/Staff Recruitment

  • Increasing Your Diversity Infrastructure

  • Transitioning from Diversity Awareness to Sensitivity

  • Networking with Minority Academic and Professional Organizations

  • Seeing How Stereotypes Impact Campus Relationships

  • Implementing the Diversity Goals of the Selection Committee

  • Structuring Campus Interviews to Preserve Inclusion

  • The "3/3/5" Method of Selection Committee Applicant Review

  • Retention Techniques: Keeping Your Diverse Faculty/Staff

  • Developing Your Diversity Recruitment Infrastructure on Campus

  • Diverse Faculty/Staff Recruitment Techniques/Building Feeder Programs​

  • Diverse Marketing (Publications)/Finding External Funding


One-on-One Diversity Consulting

Our relationship with the client is a vital one, complete with statistical analysis and active feedback throughout your consulting term.

We assist you with the following:


  • Developing the Framework of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

  • Identifying Problematic Areas in Achieving Equitable Outcomes

  • Establishing Effective Diversity Messaging and Brand Content (Publications/Marketing)

  • Private Advising on Diversity Management Issues on Campus (Confidential)

Red Wall & Stairs

Annual Enrollment Membership Now Open

We designed this annual membership program to be one of the most exclusive and comprehensive in the country. As an institution, no longer do you have to decide how many people to register or what positions to post to a diverse audience, with membership that's all included. 

Annual Membership cost is $26,000 per year.*
*only 35 memberships are offered each year, as to remain personalized and exclusive for higher education members.

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