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Faculty Selection Committee Training Module

The 3-part module consists of the following sections:

Session 1: Enhancing the Diversity Goals of the Faculty Selection Committee

Here is where we discuss how job descriptions and placement/advertising walk hand-in-hand with the selection committee process. This section is the perfect introduction to the importance of establishing the guidelines of the search, who could be on the committee and the operational avenues of understanding diversity, inclusion and equity within the committee infrastructure.


Session 2: The "3/3/5" Method of Candidate Evaluation and Selection*


The Academic Network has developed a method of candidate review, evaluation and selection for committees. The method is based on the premise of "Academic Excellence through Diversity - not for it or because of it!" Not only does the "3-3-5" program enhance equity in the review process, but it maps out how to develop a rubric in placing candidates in review categories. There is also a section which details the process of initial interviews - what to ask, the format and what not to ask! The Academic Network is the only place where you can get the "3-3-5" Method (trademarked/copyrighted) in its entirety.*


Session 3: Preserving Equity in the Campus Interview Structure

When finalist visits go well, the committee has done a productive job at preserving equity - meaning treating each candidate the same. This discussion shows you how to be more inclusive on the visit - from the arrival on campus, to who is present at each of the meetings (and why/when), to the procedures throughout the entire campus visit in showing your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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