Creating an Onboarding Program for Diverse Employees
(Virtual In-House Training)



Our Diversity Onboarding workshops are designed to promote the following things in your workplace:​​


The discussions provide effective tools for Human Resource professionals to interact with new employees. The strength of interaction is the ability to engage your employment community and provide a sense of professional development and value.


Productivity is the measure in which we make an institution better. If an employee is provided the framework to succeed, you will allow them to excel in focus, dedication and work productivity.

Topics of the In-house, virtual 90-minute training:


  1. Developing a Workplace Ideology for Effective Onboarding

  2. Evaluating the 5-Phases of Effective Onboarding

  3. Incorporating Employee Engagement Techniques into Onboarding

Training cost: $4,000*
*unlimited team members from your institution

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