Student Affairs Certification on Diverse Student Relations


Enrollment is available for the "Student Affairs Certification on Diverse Student Relations." All classes are online via recorded webinar download. Stop and start as you please!


This certification, which is the only one of its kind in the entire country, is specifically tailored to creating methods of interaction with diverse students and showing support for them on campus. 


The 4-class diversity recruitment certification course consists of the following online classes:


Class 1: Realizing the Value of a Diversity Infrastructure for Students

Class 2: Creating Projects to Show Diverse Student Support

Class 3: Engaging with Diverse Students on Campus

Class 4: Becoming a Diversity Leader to Student Organizations


Pricing: $535


Note: There is a short examination once you complete the 4-class course.

Next course begins: Monday, June 22nd


Reminder: The classes are all online, so you are able to stop the PowerPoint in truly learning the material. The classes are all in download format, so there is flexibility on the topics you review! Each class is taught by Dr. Sonel Y. Shropshire, President of The Academic Network and recognized expert on diversity and inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average time frame to complete the program? 
Many chose to complete the program in 4 weeks, with 1 class being taken per week.


Are all 4 classes and the test included in the price of 535?  
Yes, that is correct. 


How do I register and pay? 
An official invoice with secured payment link can be sent to you via email. 


Is there a link to each course? 
Indeed, there is a link provided for each class. Once you complete a class, we ask that you send us notification. We can then issue the next class. 

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