St Mark's School of Texas
Student Survey
There is stong support for diversity within our schoool:
I am comfortable talking about my cultural background with fellow students:
I am comfortable talking about my cultural background with teachers:
There is a student platorm to discuss methods of achieving better diversity at our school:
I feel senior leadership at our school openly supports diversity:
I feel students of different backgrounds are disciplined differently at our school:
I have a good relationship with students from a cultural background other than myself:
Teachers have made remarks which were culturally insensitive:
I learn about diverse topics from my teachers in the classroom:
My teachers invite me to learning about diversity outside the classroom:
I would recommend this school for a friend who is from a different background or culture:
I feel recognized equally in the classroom for my intellect and opinion:
I can express an opinion about diversity without being isolated or having negative perceptions:
My school reaches out to diverse communities for various off-campus projects and initiatives:
There is a strong representation of diversity in our school teachers and staff:

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