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DEI Training Modules

Each module allows you to view the material on your own time frame. unlimited use for all members of your academic institution.

Each class within the module is accessible by link provided by The Academic Network. All that is need to view the material is an internet connection.

Each training module is $245*
*once you order, a representative will confirm your payment
and send you the viewing link.

Campus Police Department Diversity Training

Diversity Brand Marketing and Initiative Funding

Diversity Goals of the Faculty Selection Committee

Effective Onboarding Techniques for New Diverse Employees

Enhancing Support for Diverse Persons on Campus

Faculty and Staff Retention Strategies

Strategies in Recruiting Diverse Graduate School Applicants

Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

Strategies in Recruiting Minority Faculty and Staff

Seeing How Stereotypes Impact the Campus Relationships

The 3-3-5 Method of Candidate Evaluation
(Selection Cmte Rubric)

Structuring Campus Interviews for Finalists

Transitioning from Cultural Awareness to Sensitivity